When it comes to safe and pleasurable intimacy, there's one name that stands above the rest - Durex. With a wide range of high-quality condoms designed to enhance your pleasure while keeping you protected, Durex is the brand that knows how to make every moment count.

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Choose from a Range of Durex Condoms for Safe and Pleasurable Intimacy

We pride ourselves on offering an expansive and enticing selection of the best Durex condoms to buy that cater to your desires and needs. As you embark on a journey through our collection, a world of possibilities unravels before you, promising not only safety but also a heightened sense of sensual pleasure. Our various Durex condom types ensure that there is an option for everyone, while also being suitable for use on sex toys for men and women. Indulge in the classic allure of Durex Thin Feel condoms, crafted with exceptional thinness that enhances sensitivity and allows you to feel every intimate moment with heightened intensity. These condoms offer a seamless and natural experience, bringing you closer to your partner while still providing the utmost protection. These condoms are just one of many types you can try to bring excitement to your bedroom. If you're looking to add an element of surprise and spontaneity to your sexual adventures, our Surprise Me pack is the perfect choice. Let your desires run wild as you unwrap a surprise each time, heightening the anticipation and bringing an element of excitement into your intimate moments.

Why Choose Durex Condoms for Safe Intimacy?

When it comes to intimacy, there should be no compromises. Durex understands this better than anyone else. That's why their condoms are rigorously tested and manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring you can indulge in the passion without worrying about safety. The latex used in Durex condoms is of the highest quality, providing a strong and reliable barrier against STIs and unwanted pregnancies (though you should be aware that no condom is 100% effective). Use your condoms on sex toys for women or men to keep your toys free of bacteria. Remember to clean your sex toys before and after use.

Tips for Using Durex Condoms for Maximum Pleasure and Safety.

To truly make the most of your intimate moments, we've put together some tips for using all the Durex condom types on the market. Follow these tips to ensure both maximum pleasure and safety:

  • Check the expiration date - Always make sure to check the expiration date on your Durex condoms before use. Using an expired condom can compromise its effectiveness.
  • Open with care - Open the condom wrapper carefully to avoid tearing the condom. Handle it gently to prevent any damage.
  • Roll it on - When putting on the condom, make sure to pinch the tip to leave room for semen. Unroll it all the way down the shaft of the penis.
  • Lubrication is key - For enhanced pleasure, consider using Durex lubricants with your condom. It can reduce friction and heighten sensitivity, making your experience even more enjoyable.
  • Dispose of it responsibly - After use, wrap the condom in a tissue and dispose of it in a bin. Never flush condoms down the toilet, as they can cause plumbing issues.

When you choose the best durex condoms to buy, you're not just selecting a brand name; you're choosing a commitment to safe and pleasurable intimacy. They’re suitable for use on sex toy sets that include dildos and vibrators, or you can simply roll one on and use it during penetrative sex. Explore our collection of the best Durex condoms to buy today and embark on a sensual journey where pleasure and protection go hand in hand. 


  • Can I use Durex condoms for anal sex?

    Yes, certain Durex condoms are suitable for anal sex. Please refer to the product instructions to ensure compatibility. As there are no specific guidelines for manufacturing condoms specifically for anal sex, we recommend using a generous amount of water-based or silicone-based lubricant before penetration. Remember, lubrication is crucial for a safe and pleasurable experience.

  • Can I use Durex condoms for oral sex?

    While Durex condoms are primarily designed for vaginal or anal intercourse, some Durex condoms are also suitable for oral sex. Look for flavoured or specially designed condoms explicitly labelled for oral use. These condoms are meant to provide protection while adding a delightful taste to enhance your oral experiences. 

  • How should I store Durex condoms?

    When you decide which of the best Durex condoms to buy, it's important to store them properly. Keep them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Avoid storing condoms in wallets or places where they may get folded or crushed. By following these guidelines, you can maintain the integrity of the condoms and maximise their effectiveness.