If you enjoy experiencing new sensations, and even erotic flavours, look no further than our collection of sex lubes which will enhance your sex life effortlessly. Underrated, yet essential, lubricants have the power to spice up your love life, adding an extra dimension of pleasure and excitement to encounters with your partner. So, if you’re ready to turn up the heat and make sex with your partner even more intense, browse and buy from the many different sex lubricant products we have available. From edible lube to anal sex lube, be sure to shop our collection of slippery lubes and get free standard delivery with orders over £35, always delivered in discreet packaging.

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Types of Sex Lubricant Products

Gone are the days when lubricants were seen as mere necessities for addressing dryness or discomfort. Today, they have evolved into a playground for exploring new sensations and delighting in erotic flavours. There are many different ways to enjoy sex lubricant that you’ll want to try them all to experience something different, new, and thrilling that will enhance your sessions with ease, whether you’re using a dildo alone or enjoying time with a partner.

  • Edible & Flavoured Lubes – Edible lubes have emerged as a favourite amongst couples seeking to indulge in some playful foreplay. These tantalising sex lubricants not only enhance the glide during intimate moments but also come in delicious flavours, encouraging adventurous kisses and exploration of each other's erogenous zones. From tropical fruits to decadent desserts, edible lubricants make intimacy even more enticing and pleasurable.
  • Anal LubesAnal sex lubricants present a gateway to undiscovered ecstasy. Designed specifically for anal play, these lubes offer the perfect balance of thickness and slickness, ensuring a pleasurable and comfortable experience. With the right lubrication, you can embark on an intimate adventure using anal sex toys that transcend boundaries, fostering trust and intimacy with your partner – it also feels amazing too.
  • Water-Based LubesWater-based lube stands out as a versatile and much-loved option, formulated with a water-based solution, making it compatible with various intimate activities and materials. These lubes are usually free from harmful chemicals and irritants, making them suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or allergies. Whether you're using them with condoms, sex toys, or engaging in solo or partner play, these lubes seamlessly blend into every scenario.
  • Silicone LubesSilicone-based lubes offer an unparalleled silkiness that intensifies the pleasure of every intimate touch. The velvety smoothness creates a luxurious experience, making your encounters feel more sensual and natural than ever before. Non-sticky and long-lasting, silicone lubes ensure uninterrupted pleasure.

Buy Lubes & Other Essentials

Embarking on a journey of heightened intimacy and pleasure doesn't have to be intimidating or awkward. With the delightful world of lubes, you and your partner can explore each other's desires and ignite the flames of passion with ease. It also makes exploring your deepest desires and trying out new toys even easier, with many sex toys for couples compatible with our range of sex lubes. Embrace the variety of sex lubes and discover which can heighten the senses further. Not only will they reduce friction, but some will also provide sensations from tingling to warming and even numbing to hold off from climax – the choice is yours. Spice up your bedroom adventures and let the magic of lubricants intensify your passion, turning every encounter into an unforgettable one. 
Whilst browsing our collection of the best lubricant for sex, you may also want to explore oils and lotions to enhance your massage sessions, as well as products designed as aphrodisiacs and stimulants for performance enhancement and more.

Sex Lubes FAQs

  • Why should I use lubricant?

    Using lubricant is not only fun, but it can enhance comfort, reduce friction, and make the overall experience more pleasurable for both partners. Lubrication can be beneficial where natural lubrication might be lacking, such as during extended or vigorous sex, or for those experiencing vaginal dryness. Adding lubricant to your sessions can lead to a more enjoyable and intimate experience.

  • What is the best lubricant for sex?

    The best lubricant for sex will vary on your own personal preferences, allergies, and the specific activity involved. Water-based lubricants are versatile and suitable for use with condoms and sex toys and are easy to clean afterwards making them a popular choice for many. Silicone-based lubricants can be more long-lasting and better for activities like shower sex, but they may not be suitable for use with silicone-based sex toys as they can degrade the material.
    Ultimately, the best lubricant for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences, so it's essential to try different types and brands to find the one that works best for you.

  • Can I use saliva as a lubricant?

    Saliva can be used as a lubricant; however, it's generally not recommended for several reasons. Firstly, saliva tends to dry out quickly, requiring frequent reapplication. Additionally, it might not provide enough lubrication for certain sexual activities such as using anal toys, leading to further discomfort or friction. Moreover, using saliva as a primary lubricant might not be as effective as purpose-made lubricants, which are specifically designed for enhancing pleasure and reducing friction during sexual activity.
    If you find yourself in a situation without lubricant, using saliva is better than no lubrication at all, but it's always advisable to have a proper lubricant on hand for a more enjoyable and comfortable experience. Fortunately, we have plenty to choose from, so there is no excuse not to stock up!

  • Does lube increase pleasure?

    Yes definitely, lubricant can increase pleasure during sex by reducing friction, making the experience smoother and more comfortable. It can also enhance sensations and make certain activities, such as solo stimulation and penetration, feel more enjoyable and pleasurable. Using lubricant can also help individuals with issues like vaginal dryness or discomfort, allowing them to focus on the pleasure rather than any potential discomfort. For anal sex, lubrication is especially important, as the anus does not produce natural lubrication, so using lube can prevent pain and injury.