Before you dive into the world of couples sex toys you may wonder how you introduce sex toys into our relationship. Whether you are eager to try new anal toys, delve into a bit of bondage or test a cock ring with your partner, in this couples sex toys guide we will give you the low down on how to talk to your partner about sex toy fantasies as well as recommend some of the best sex toys for couples to play with.

If sex toys isn’t something you and your partner have discussed before talking about it may not be the easiest thing to do. You may be worries about offending them or anxious about revealing your own personal sex toy fantasy – don’t worry we have you covered as our Pure Pleasure experts will make introducing sex toys to your relationship smooth and easy.  Pure Pleasure is one of the leading online adult toy stores and we offer a wide range of sex toys for couples from some of the worlds best known brands.  

Do’s and Don’ts When Talking About Sex Toys for Couples

1. Do test the water

You may have seen a sex toy in a magazine or adult film that makes you want to experiment with your partner.  Mention it in a light hearted fun way such as asking them if they would try it or what they think about it. If they want to continue the conversion, you can suggest trying it and see how they react.

2. Do reassure them that it is not because they are bad in bed or to replace them 

Some people may be reluctant to talk about adult toys in the bedroom as they think it is a sign of their partner not being satisfied or that something is not going well. Put their mind at ease and make it clear that sex toys are something new that can spice up your sex life. It is always fun trying something new and sex toys are no different.

3. Don’t jump in with something complicated or huge

Your fantasy may be to see your partner enjoying a huge dildo or having them peg you with a strap on dildo or something similarly adventurous. If this type of couples sex toy play is new to you, then it is important to start small. It can be exciting to go out for the most expensive and sleek sex toy but the most important thing is to get used to using them to find out what works best for you and your partner.

4. Don’t bring in a sex toy mid session without warning your partner

Communication is key and surprising your partner with a sex toy in the middle of a steamy session could back fire. Make sure your partner is happy to use it first then it is up to you when you introduce it into your play time.

5. Do have fun  

Don’t forget the reason for introducing a sex toy into your intimate steamy moments with your partner. Couples sex toys are to explore and experiment to reach new heights of pleasurable fun. Sex toys are great fun but sex with your partner always comes first.

6. Do respect their decision 

If your partner decides that sex toys are not for them, it is a decision you need to respect. It may not be for them at this point in time and respecting this is the most important thing. You can give them all the information on the couples sex toy you want to try telling them why it will be fun, then perhaps it plants the seed for future conversions and the rest is down to them. Never try and force it on your partner.

How To Choose The Right Couples Sex Toy For You 

There are many different types of sex toys that can be used in couples play. Now we have covered off the do’s and don’ts of how to introduce couples sex toys into your relationship we will run through a guide of the different types you can use. It all comes down to personal preference and what you want to try. However, there is a wide range you can choose from including vibrators, cock rings, anal toys, dildos and much much more.

Cock Rings For Couples

The name, cock ring, kind of gives away what this sex toy is. Cock rings or sometimes also known as penis rings are a faboulous sex toy for couples as they benefit both people with a penis and vagina. A cock ring slips around the base of the penis and can increase the blood flow improving stamina. You can also get things like such as rabbit cock rings or vibrating cock rings which are desgined to stimulate the clitoris during sex. They are a win win sex toy offering great benefits for both partners. Want to know more about cock rings before you buy one? Check out our guide on how to use a cock ring or how to choose a cock ring. Below we have reccomended one of our top selling penis rings as a geat sex toy for couples. 

  1. Screaming O PrimO Tux Cock Ring - Black
    Special Price £16.99 Regular Price £19.99

Screaming O PrimO Tux Vibrating Cock Ring - Black

The PrimO Tux is a premium vibrating cock ring ring reimagined for discerning shoppers with a taste for luxury at an economical price. The Tux is made of 100% premium silicone that stretches for a tailor-made fit and features our most powerful 4-function vibrating motor yet. Suit up with the PrimO Tux and turn every bedroom encounter into a formal affair increasing the pleasure for both partners! We wouldn't expect anything else from Screaming O Sex Toys. This toy is s great couples sex toy for beginners. 

Anal Toys For Couples 

There are many types of anal toys to choose from and the most popular are butt plugs and anal beads. You can also buy vibrating butt plugs and vibrating anal beads but we would not reccomend using them if you are a beginner. The key is to start small and work your way up. Anal sex toys are versatile and can provide a unique experience for men, women and people. If you want to learn more about anal toys check out our anal toys how to guide. Below we have reccomended a great toy for begginers to start with. 

Satisfyer Silicone Anal Beads Set Of 2 - Black

These anal beads from Satisfyer are great for back door games making them an ideal couples sex toy for those wanting pleasure from behind. They come in a set of two with 5 elements with the smallest at the bottom (no pun intended). Made from soft medical grade silicone these anal beads are the perfect companion for beginners and anal training.  With a length if 8 inches this anal toy is also great for advanced users. One of our top choices if you are looking to spice things up in the bedroom with an anal toy for couples. 

Couples Vibrator 

Most people have heard of vibrators and will associate they with solo use.  Vibrators are one of the most popular sex toys for women and you will be glad to know that there are also couples vibrators that can be purchased from Pure Pleasure. Couples vibrators are typically designed to be used during intercourse giving stimulation to both partners with intense vibrations or pressure waves. There is usually a narrow end that fits inside the vagina which can stimulate the G-Spot and the other end vibrates on the clitoris giving extra stimulation. The tightness and vibes from a couples vibrator also provides intensity for the partner with a penis! 

  1. Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples Vibrator White
    Special Price £45.40 Regular Price £53.40

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples Vibrator - White

The Pro 4 Couples vibrator, from Satisfyer, is a great sex toy that creates stimulation for both the male and female partner with its 11 settings and 10 vibration modes. The vibrators slim shaft is designed for G-Spot stimulation and the clitoral stimulation attachment adds extra passionate intensity when using sex toy during lovemaking. When he inserts his penis she will enjoy more tightness with the vibes pushing against her G-spot. There are no limits to your creativity when choosing a location for your mutual climaxes and as it is waterproof you can take it for a whirl in a hot tub, bath or shower.  A couples vibrator is a great sex toy to turn up the heat with your partner and experience mind blowing orgasms. 


Remote-Controlled Vibrator For Couples

Why not give you partner control of your pleasure levels with a remote control vibrator? A great sex toy for erotic encounters with your partner. Let them wear the vibrator whilst you turn up the intesity levels. Sound sexy? Come of these vibrators can also be controlled by an app on your smart phone so when you are away from your partner or in a long distance relationship you don't have to put your sex life on hold. Like a couples vibrator some of the remote control vibrators are designed for use during intercourse so both partners can benefit from passionate orgasms. 

Fifty Shades of Grey Remote Control Couples Vibrator

From the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection made is celebration of a decade of erotic discovery and fulfilment this remote control vibrator is perfect for unleashing erotic discovery with your partner. With 10 patterns and 6 levels of intensity you can tailor the pleasure for your partner. Designed to be work either internally or externally, depending on your preference, this couples sex toy can also be worn during intercourse. A must have from Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Toys

Couples Play With A Strap-On Dildo And Harness

A strap on dildo and harness is a couples sex toy that is great for both straight and same sex couples. This sex toy is probably not for those couples who are just venturing into the world of couples sex toys but they are very versatile. If you are into anal sex a strap on dildo can be a great way to take your adventures to the next level. They are very popular with couples who are into their bondage or BDSM as you can test the water with role reversal. The dildos can also be used for G-spot stimulation making them an ideal lesbian sex toy too.

Sportsheets Anal Explorer Strap On Dildo Kit - Purple

Sportsheet's Anal Explorer Strap On Dildo Kit are a perfect for couples sex toy for those looking to experiment with anal play. Catering to the very beginner and the more experienced anal players alike, the two silicone dildos in this kit are similarly shaped and vary in size from very small to mid-sized. The dildo's are gently angled to stimulate the prostate or G-spot. If you fantasy is for you to use a dildo with your partner or watching them use it, these dildos are each a fantastic choice for pleasure in or out of the harness. 

Couples Sex Toy Set

A couples sex toy set can be a great gift and will be sure to highten the anticipation leading to all consuming fun filled, passionate memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you are a beginner or looking to spice up your sex toy collection there is something for everyone from anal sex toy sets to couples vibrator sets as well as solo sex toy sets. This guide is about couples sex toys so we have choosen our favourite couples sex toy set below which we are sure will turn up the heat in the bedroom. But if you are curious to check out all the sex toy sets Pure Pleasure has on offer. 

Loveboxxx I Love Pink Couples Sex Toy Set

This couples sex toy gift set is a wonderful way to surprise you partner with fun toys and sexy accessories. Not only will it be a fabulous gift for them, you will also benefit from it too! The six piece set boasts popular sex toys such as vibrators, kegel balls and handcuffs which can make great couples sex toys and sex toys for women. It is great for beginners and if you want to dip your toes onto a bit of bondage play the eye mask, handcuffs and tickler are a fabulous way to start.  

Great For Couples Play But Not A Sex Toy

We know this guide is about couples sex toys but we thought it wouldn't be complete without adding in some lingerie! Seductive and exquisite are two words that come to mind when thinking about sexy lingerie. It can ignite passion and allows you or your partner to express themselves whilst embracing their sensuality. It is a win win sexy item for everyone involved whether you are wearing the lingerie or taking in the beautiful view. There is no better way to spice up a bit of foreplay with our sexy lingerie sets, bodystockings, lingerie body suits or sexy knickers. Some of our lingerie range is crotchless so you don't even need to take it off when engaging in the art of love making!    

  1. YesX Hot Passions Lingerie Set - Red
    As low as £27.67 Regular Price £40.69

YesX Hot Passions Lingerie Set - Red

How hot is this 4 piece red lingerie set? Made from lace with bows at the front and back this sexy lingerie set is sure to get your heart racing. It includes a g-string, bra, garter belt and sheer stockings. Wear all of them together or only a couples of pieces to tease your partner. Great for spicing up things with your partner! 

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide on couples sex toys and that it has given you some ideas on how to introduce them into your relationship or if you are experienced sex toys enthusiast perhaps we gave you some ideas for your next naughty adventure. Pure Pleasure is one of the leading online adult toy stores and we are here every step of the way in your quest for a fun and fulfilling sex life. 

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