Are you curious about the world of sex toys and never really been sure where to start? Or maybe you have started to embark on your sex toy journey with some beginners toys such as a vibrating bullet or beginners butt plug and now you are looking to expand your horizons? At Pure Pleasure, one of the best premium online adult toy stores, we are here to help and if you read on we will talk about our top 5 best dildos to give you some ideas.  

You may be looking to experiment with something new, whether you want to dip into world of dildos or are a seasoned pleasure seeker. Here we have everything you need to enjoy and to turn up the heat reached new levels of stimulation with our extensive range of dildos. Perhaps you want to learn more before buying a dildo. Then check out our ultimate dildo buying guide, but if you are ready to purchase one of these exciting sex toys and want some inspiration keep on reading! At Pure Pleasure we have a broad range of dildos, something for everyone, including realistic dildos, suction cup dildos, vibrating dildos, strap on dildos and much much more. Of course, ultimately the choice of sex toys comes down to personal preference, however we have put together what we think are some of the best dildos we have to offer in our range.

Our first tip before we dive in, is always remember that a good quality lubricant is always recommended to enhance your experience with sex toys whether it is a dildo, vibrator, rabbit sex toy or anal toy.  

1. Best Dildo For Realistic Feel

Real Rock 6 Inch Realistic Dildo With Suction Cup And Balls

This 6 inch realistic dildo is designed so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest.  It is a firm soft touch dildo, natural looking and just the right size. In combination with the realistic veins on the shaft, giving extra stimulation on the inside, this is also a suction cup dildo that is great for hands free fun. Check out out suction cup dildo guide for some inspiration. The slight curve on the realistic dildo makes it ideal for g-spot stimulation.  This life like 6 inch dildo is great to use for either vaginal or anal penetration and its suction cup can be strapped into a harness for strap on play. A very versatile sex toy and with lots of options you will have an explosive orgasm like no other!  

2. Best Dildo With Vibrations

Seven Creations Silicone Classic Vibe Slim Dildo Purple

This Classic Slim vibrating dildo is 7 inches and case in a high quality body safe silicone. Its shaft has realistic vein detailing for internal stimulation and its tapered bulbous head make the realistic dildo great for deep penetration. The slimline shape is ideal for use as an anal dildo. As a waterproof dildo with 7 vibration functions the possibilities are endless and the only limitation to take it to the next level of pleasurable ecstasy is your imagination! 

Also available in flesh colour



3. Best Dildo For Versatility

Fun Factory Limba S Flex 5 Inch Dildo Caribbean Blue

Variety is the spice of life… and that includes having great sex! Every person’s body is unique, hence why the Limba Flex dildo bends to hold a variety of shapes and angles so you can hit your spot in your preferred position. This flexible dildo takes all the guesswork out of buying the right dildo for you as it can bend to be whatever you want it to be, whenever you want it to be.  If you discover you want a dildo with an extreme G-spot curve, just bend it into that shape. If you want a straight shaft dildo, just bend it back. This customizable dildo makes it easy to try lots of different positions and ways to play without the need for multiple sex toys. Added benefits are the suction cup at the bottom allowing you to indulge in hands free play and the slimline shape making it a great anal dildo. Whatever you are looking for this versatile sex toy is guaranteed to please! 

Also available in a larger size of 7 inches

4. Best Dildo For Extra Girth

  1. Fun Factory The Boss Stub Dildo - Black
    Special Price £50.99 Regular Price £59.99

Fun Factory The Boss Stub Dildo - Black

The Fun Factory Boss is a big silicone dildo with a realistic shape is designed for people who crave size with a whopping girth of 1.7inches. The Boss dildo has a curved head making it incredible for G-spot stimulation or prostate massages and is a great sex toy for couples or a solo sex toy. The firm shaft has just enough flex for easy play, and its silicone holds lube, for more cushion as you play. It has a suction cup base which is easy to attach to a flat surface and is also harness friendly for those who want to enjoy strap on dildo play. 

The Fun Factory Boss is also available in pink

5. Best Dildo For Strap On Play

Sportsheets Anal Explorer Strap On Dildo Kit - Purple

Whilst this is not a dildo per se we it is our pick for anyone looking for a strap on dildo as it comes as a set with its harness. It is the ultimate strap on kit for couples looking to experiment with anal play. Remarkably easy to get into (and out of), the harness features rugged nylon straps that fit over waist and hips. Catering to the very beginner and the more experienced anal player alike, the silicone dildos are similarly shaped and vary in size from very small to mid-sized. Gently angled to please the prostate or G-spot, these dildos are each a fantastic choice for enjoyment in or out of the harness. The super smooth silicone feels incredible against the skin, both inside and out. Strap on dildos are also a very popular lesbian sex toy