One of the most popular anal toys available, anal beads are a must have for any booty friendly sex toy box. If you haven’t tried anal beads before, these affordable and fun anal sex toys are a great way to ease into anal play gently and slowly. They are a great way to experiment and when used correctly can take orgasms to a whole new level, so prepare yourself for an exciting new world of sensations and fun! Pure Pleasure is one of the leading online adult toy stores and in this guide to anal beads you will find everything you need to know about these exciting sex toys.

What are anal beads?

As the name suggests, anal beads are an anal sex toy shaped like “beads” with multiple spheres attached together. Typically, the beads on these sex toys start small and increase in size as they are inserted into your body. Anal beads are easy to insert and not intimidating, thanks to their spherical and smooth shapes.

The easy-to-use ergonomic design of anal beads, with their smooth spheres and graduated shape, gives you a feeling of being “filled-up” which many people find intensely pleasurable, ultimately turning an orgasm into an earth shattering experience.

There are many types and styles of anal beads and your choice will come down to what you want form a sex toy. We will cover some of the types of anal beads later but to give you a flavour, there are small anal beads for those just starting out, large anal beads for more sensations or even vibrating anal beads which bring a totally different type of pleasure.

What do anal beads do? 

If you are new to anal sex toys and anal beads you may be wondering how do anal beads work. These toys are often used to enhance your experience during sex or masturbation. Yes that is right, some people like to use them for anal masturbation and others use them as a couples sex toy. After inserting anal beads, pulling them out (specifically during your orgasm) will create new levels of pleasure and decadent sensations that can be mind blowing.

When trying your anal beads, exploring your body by targeting new erogenous zones at the same time not only adds to the indulgence of new sensations but also can unleash that elusive blended orgasm. Sounds amazing right?

Who uses anal beads? 

The great thing about anal beads is that they are a versatile sex toy making them a great sex toy for men, sex toy for women or sex toy for couples because whatever your gender they can feel great. They are fantastic anal toys for men as anal beads can stimulate the P-Spot, also known as the prostate which is only a few centimetres inside the anus. For guys the P-Spot is their version of the G-Spot which can make anal play feel amazing.

For those with vagina’s, although there is no P-Spot to hit there a still a lot of nerve endings which can turn up the heat allowing you to experience and extra intense level of pleasure. So no matter who you are, anal beads are for you, if you are eager to give them a go!

Safety first with anal beads 

When experimenting with something new, like anal toys (or any sex toy), you can be a but nervous and have plenty of questions. Perhaps you know some nurses or doctors and you have heard some horror stories from the Emergency Room. Now you are wondering whether anal beads are safe.

Yes, anal beads are safe but only use anal sex toys designed for anal play. The way you know if an anal toy is safe is that they must have a loop at the end or a flared base. This will stop them from going in too far and getting lost, saving you a trip to the emergency room. Also, make sure you never go straight from anal play to vaginal play when using an anal toy as this can spread bacteria.

As with all sex toys, make sure you are relaxed before starting your intimate session which helps avoid any feelings of discomfort. If you are an beginner anal toy user, it may feel a little uncomfortable or unusual to start with. Just be patient, don’t force it and most of all (even though a little discomfort is normal) if it starts to hurt stop. Listening to your body is key to knowing your limited and making sure you are getting the most out of your new anal toy safely.

Also, remember, you bum is your bum despite the pleasure you can get from. Make sure you are nice and clean before diving into anal play. Some people are happy to use the toilet before their steamy session and washing the area with soaping water, while others prefer to use an anal douche around 45 minute before.

How to use anal beads

 Now on to the most important part, how to use anal beads! Here we will make some recommendations and some tips on how to insert anal beads, it’s really quite simple.

1. Lube up

If you have read other Pure Pleasure Sex Toy Advice Guides, you will know a common theme is make sure you use lube. This is particularly important with anal beads, butt plugs or anal toys as the anus is not self-lubricating. Before diving in, add lubricant to your anal beads and you bum using a thick anal lubricant. Don’t be stingy with the anal lube as anal toys work best when there is frictionless movement. The slicker the sex toy, the more enhanced the experience. 

2. Warming up

If you are aroused, you may find using anal beads more relaxing. Engage in some foreplay before getting down to it and you can tease yourself which can loosen things up. After all the anus is a muscle. If you are an anal toy beginner or looking for new anal play ideas, you could use a finger with lube to gently stroke the outside and inside of the anus to warm up to the feeling.

3. Start gently inserting the anal beads 

Gentle and slow is the key when inserting anal beads. Start by inserting the first bead or two so your body can warm up to the gentle sensation of anal penetration. As we said above, anal play can feel unusual or uncomfortable but it should not hurt. If it starts to hurt slow down, take a deep breath and take your time. Don’t ever try and force it.

4. Insert the anal beads deeper

As soon as you feel ready, insert more of the anal beads. One hand can push in the beads whilst the other hand keeps the anus spread and open. To feel the unique penetration sensation and make the most of your pleasurable experience, you can take a “two steps forward, one step back approach”.

5. Feel the fullness of the anal beads

You should be feeling satisfyingly stretched and full by the time you have reached the final bead (or as deep as you would like to go). Now it is time to really turn up the heat and start plating. Delve into couples sex or solo play to see where the various points of stimulation will take you. Some great ideas to indulge in are oral sex, fingering, penetrative vaginal sex or hand jobs. You imagination is your limit!

6. Pull out the anal beads gently

During sex or masturbation, if you have reached your climax or delightful orgasm the fun is about to start! Pull out the anal beads slowly and feel some unbelievable mind blowing pleasure sensations. There is no time like this time!

7. Don’t share your anal beads

Only you should use your anal toy for hygiene reasons. It’s is amazing if your partner wants to try anal beads too, just make sure they buy their own. Similarly, if you are thinking of exploring with anal beads vaginally, have two separate pairs as you don’t want to be spreading the bacteria from your bum. This is a great time to talk about our final point…

8. Hygiene first: always clean up 

Looking after your sexual well being is a must do and this includes cleaning up after a great play session. You will know if you have read our other sex toy guides that hygiene comes first and you always need to clean your sex toys after using them, it’s even more important for anal sex toys. To do this use antibacterial soap with warm water or your go to sex toy cleaner.

The tools will help keep your anal beads clean but also make sure you are thorough with the cleaning. Rinsing them quickly is not enough. You will need to spend at least 20 seconds washing your anal beads and ensuring that the entire surface and stem are thoroughly cleaned. Then you can store them away in your secret sex toy box for the next time of fun!

What type of anal beads are right for me? 

As we mentioned above there are many styles of anal beads and we will run through a few different ones so you can get an idea of what is out there before you buy. Typically, the best anal beads for beginners are those that are flexible and small. For those who want a bit more bang for their buck there are vibrating anal beads. For the experienced player there are many different sizes and materials you can try to create amazing intensities.

Best anal beads for beginners

Satisfyer Silicone Anal Beads Set Of 2 - Black

Made from super-soft, body-friendly, medical-grade silicone, these extra flexible anal beads are great for beginners. The set of 2 anal beads comes with varied textures and 5 elements on each stem starting from small to large. This makes this anal toy perfect for beginngers who can indugle in anal training. Each of the anal beads comes with slightly different shapes so you can choose from a high quality diamond shape or a classical spherical shape. Whatever works best for you! With 8 inches of length they are also great for the more experienced players. Another great sex toy from Satisfyer

Best vibrating anal beads

Nexus Quattro Remote Control Vibrating Pleasure Beads

For those looking to turn up the heat with extra pleasurable vibrations, look no further than these great vibrating anal beads from Nexus. Made from 100% silicone with 7 vibration modes and 3 motors, this anal sex toy is sure to become a favourite. It comes with a remote control making it easy raise the intensity levels. A great way to add some oomph to your anal play. Many have said that vibrating anal beads can create similar sensations to analingus ot rimming. 

Best large anal beads

Booty Call Silicone Booty Anal Beads - Black

These sensual intimate large anal beads will offer users maximum satisfaction and an advanced feeling of prostate pleasure for singles and couples alike. The grooved design emulates the smooth curves and textures that you get with anal beads and will stimulate your body in so many ways plus the design will bring you deeper, greater and much more sensual gratification. These anal beads will bring joy to every bedroom, and can give your love life a new lease of passion. 

Best metal anal beads

  1. Me You Us Heavy Metal Anal Beads Silver
    Special Price £8.50 Regular Price £10.00

Me You Us Heavy Metal Anal Beads Silver

Me You Us Heavy Metal anal beads are the ultimate anal sex toy for those that love gradual pleasure as well as pleasure seekers that appreciate temperature play. These anal beads feature solid weighted metal that can be heated up or cooled down and the super smooth finish makes them a luxurious addition to your sex toy box. A great anal sex toy for both beginners and more experienced players. 

We hope that you have enjoyed reading the Pure Pleasure guide to anal beads and that it has helped you find the right ones for you to buy. If you want to know more about anal toys or sex toys then why not check out some of our other guides including Pure Pleasure's Top 5 Anal Sex Toys, Pure Pleasure How To Guide on Butt Pugs or check out our Pure Pleasure Sex Toy Advice Guides